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Episode 8
27 August, 2020
Efficient and scalable Sketch documents - Part One: Symbols
In this weeks episode I start a series on using Sketch to build and maintain efficient and scalable design documents. Overview…
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The UI Therapy podcast is about cutting through the cacophony of differing opinions about which method, framework or language is best. Instead I aim to provide listeners with clarity and simplicity by offering battle-tested use cases and recommendations that have their feet firmly rooted in simplicity and longevity. I also aim to interview leading developers, designers and other professionals who can share insights and processes applicable to our community and industry. Basically, despite my 20 years of professional experience, I find myself getting increasingly slowed down and fatigued by all the new ‘must use’ tooling and frameworks that keep springing up — I want to provide some help and group therapy for everyone who finds themselves increasingly paralysed by language, framework or methodology analysis.
Jake Hopking


Do you have an idea for the show, can you think of some industry experts that would benefit the design and developer community to learn from or perhaps you’d like to appear as a guest yourself! Maybe even you'd like to co-host the show? Whatever the idea, I would LOVE to hear it!

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