Episode 8
27 August, 2020
Efficient and scalable Sketch documents - Part One: Symbols
In this weeks episode I start a series on using Sketch to build and maintain efficient and scalable design documents. Overview…
Episode 7
30 July, 2020
Design tips for developers - Part One
In this weeks episode I share five fundamental tips aimed at developers who want to build their design skills and design…
Episode 6
22 July, 2020
How do we unbundle the Jamstack, thoughts on meta-frameworks, Toast and Party Corgi with Chris Biscardi
In this week's episode I talk with Chris Biscardi about the Jamstack, gatsbyJS and his own meta-framework called Toast, amongst…
Episode 5
16 July, 2020
Thoughts on GatsbyJS, the React-based SSG framework
In this week's episode I share my thoughts on the use of GatsbyJS and whether I feel it's a viable static site generator…
Episode 4
09 July, 2020
Thoughts on creativity, innovation and intuition in design
In this week's episode I share my thoughts on creativity, intuition and introduce the terms 'Quantitative Design' and…
Episode 3
24 June, 2020
Snowpack and Pika: the next generation of bundler, package manager and CDN for the modern Web with Fred K Schott
The first two minutes before the episode ‘officially’ starts we talk a bit about why I’m creating this podcast, and then talk…
Episode 2
18 June, 2020
The design and use of psychology for good UX in games with Kingsley Hopking
Kingsley talks about how he prototypes games, the current project he and his team is working on (a 3D Platformer game called Frog…
Episode 1
11 June, 2020
The painful first episode
In this first episode I introduce myself, my background and then share what the show’s intended purpose is, who it’s aimed at and…
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