Free stickers for all!

09 July, 2020 by Jake Hopking

Four white hart themed UI Therapy stickers!

As I announced in this week's episode Thoughts on creativity, innovation and intuition in design I'm giving away four full colour, high quality vinyl stickers for you to adorn whatever it is you want to struce up. This promo is open to anyone who follows the rules outlined in this post. Here are a few ideas of where to stick them:

  • On your laptop's lid. Original.
  • On your favourite mug. Custom mugs FTW.
  • On the desk of that colleague who-likes-to-keep-things-complicated in their code.
  • On your face mask.
  • On your clamshell suitcase. Never offend Mr Yamada-san again by insisting his bag is yours.
  • Ok, enough.


Mug and phone





White Hart in a heart

White Hart - UI Therapy Logo - Pastel

White Hart - UI Therapy Logo - London Themed

White Hart - UI Therapy Logo - Default


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Promotion ends when all the stickers are gone!

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And I look forward to seeing photos of where you stick these lovely stickers. Perhaps I will reserve a special prize for what I think is the best or most audacious attachement?? 🤔

Jake 🦌

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