Episode 1


The painful first episode11 June, 2020

Show notes

In this first episode I introduce myself, my background and then share what the show’s intended purpose is, who it’s aimed at and why create it. I have a bit of a rant at the JS tooling and package ecosystem. I talk about why I believe that UI designers and developers should be more closely aligned on understanding and appreciation of respective skills and processes etc.

Overview of the episode

  • Who’s it for, and what’s it about?
  • Why am I creating this?
  • Format/Frequency

Who’s it for?

  • UI designers
  • UI developers
  • Anyone interested in machine/human interaction

What’s it about?

  • It’s about the technologies, the people, the state of the UI design and development industry.
  • UI Therapy name: clarify this (too many frameworks/tooling) it’s a mess and I want to offer help and simplicity here. Barrier to entry in this space. Even for veterans it’s frustrating.
  • How will I do this?
  • By being opinionated.
  • Talking to professionals and experts in their field and sharing their frustrations (so you don’t feel alone).
  • Being uncool and suggesting that where we’re headed might benefit from looking at the past.
  • Covering tools, frameworks, languages, patterns, methodologies
  • Not just the Web. Also about UI (and sometimes UX) in games (upcoming episode interview game designer), smartphones, consoles, apps; basically things with screens.


There are plenty of podcasts that are aimed at developers/designers in general and there are also shows about the Web, but ones specifically aimed at UI design AND development as a core focus, the pickings are thin at best.


  • Weekly or bi-monthly
  • Plan is for interviews, solo diatribes, 'quick cuppa' for short focused content and 'long brew' episodes, where I share case studies or deep dives into topics, tutorials or reviews etc.

If you can, please support the show: https://www.patreon.com/uitherapy

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